Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Baby Robins Have Arrived - - - Day 1

It's been exactly ten days since I posted...gonna have babies soon. I'm not positive they were born today, there is a slight chance they came yesterday, but I was not home to notice. However, today there are four new happy and hungry baby Robins in my tree. It is interesting to watch as the mom and dad take turns feeding them. The mom is the only one that will sit on them, but the dad comes with some tasty looking treats that is for sure. This series of posts will be fun. I am going to attempt to post a new pictures each day until they leave the nest. And for as many pictures as I took today, I've narrowed them down to just enjoy...they are too cute in a strange bird way!

Meet our dad...Mr. Robin

He brings such green yummy worms for us...

Look at this ones eyes...they are popping right out of its head

Meet our Mom...Mrs. Robin

Mom brings the juicy worms

If you look carefully in this one you will see the four beaks

Mom shoves them way down deep in their throat

Look at the peach fuzz illuminated by the light....

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  1. That nest is a work of art. How do they make that with only their beaks...without hands. Such fun shots. Bet it took some time to get them all. I really like the lighting on that fuzzy head.