Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feelin a little Artsy

This morning was a huge surprise and full of color. Unfortunately the weather is cloudy and gray and I was not able to get a good exposure without having to up the ISO to 1600 which always makes my pictures grainy and not too sharp. So I decided to use Photoshop and artisfy them into renderings that look more like paintings. And walla these are the result...

Indigo Bunting - First time ever seeing one of these beauties - what a thrill

Blue Jay - California Blue Jays do not look like this, do they?



  1. I have never seen a Blue Jay like that before. The pattern on the tail feathers is amazing! That Bunting is such a vibrant blue! Very pretty shots!

  2. Jealous, jealous, of your colorful birds!!! We get goldfinches and sometimes mountain bluebirds, but NOTHING like the color of indigo buntings, cardinals, and bluejays. Thanks for the cheer. Your photoshop artistry only added to the beauty.