Friday, May 1, 2009

Female Cardinal ... Artsy Version

Well it took a while for me to sneak up on this little lady...seems the cardinals, females espeically are not so comfortable around people. So I had to sneak up to the sliding glass door and quickly take a photo before she sensed me and flew. I got two pictures before she disappeared. Since it wasn't super sharp taken through the window I artsifed it by using some filters in Photoshop. I actually am happy with the way it turned out as now it looks so much more like a painting on canvas that a photograph.

This morning we saw a Blue Jay out the window, while sipping our coffee. It was the first one I've seen here, and boy is that one going to be fun to photograph...hopefully he comes back so I have time to capture him on film too.


  1. Beautiful shot...very creative what you did with it. I have never seen a female cardinal before...only the bright colored males.

    Can't wait for the Bluejay shots. =)

  2. Found you through Desert Hen's Gravel Roads blog. You have great photo posts. I am into graphics and outdoors. Will be back to see more.

  3. wow! I really don't think they have bird in CA like that:).