Monday, June 1, 2009

Robin Babies - - - Day 2

The second day was a good day. We still have all four babies. I kind of wonder if they will all make it; as once they start getting bigger that nest is going to get real small. I saw a variety of food today being shoved down throats of the babies. Worms all kinds and colors, wasps and flies to name a few I recognized. It really is interesting to me how much these babies can eat. I mean they feed them continuously all day long till it gets dark, and they just shove whole huge chucks of bugs and insects down....

One of the things I saw today was that the Dad would fly in with the food in his beak and hand off to the Mom's beak, then the mom would feed. Then there was this time where both fed the babies at the same time.

It really is amazing how the mom just cleans up too. She pokes her head down to the bottom of the nest cleaning up after them I image. Babies do poop right but there is no poop to be seen on the sides of the nest or anywhere for that matter....well lets see if that holds true in a few more days.

The Dad got into a fight today. Made me wonder who was threatening them. I could not make out what type of bird it was, but I heard them fight.

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  1. WOW. You could write a research paper on the drama that is happening there. Such good parents! And imagine how many pests are not chewing up our gardens thanks to the robins. Great photos.