Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brew'n Beer

Clayton has decided to make some beer! He finally got to buy a turkey fryer; not to fry a turkey but to boil his Wort! Pretty much this is the process.
1. bring 5 gallons of water to a boil
2. let cool to 155-175 degrees
3. put grain in cheese-cloth bag
4. put bag in hot water and let steep for 30 minutes making sure temp stays above 155
5. add two bags of malt extract
6. bring to boil; keeping an eye out for hot-break (which is the point where the malt starts to subside it's boiling over stage)
7. once you're reach the hot-break stage, then add first bag of hops; boil for 40 min's
8. add second bag of hops; boil for another 20 mins
9. let cool to 70 degrees
10.pour into fermenter
11. take sample for hydrometer reading
12. do not return sample to the fermenter, instead
13. give it a taste :-)
14. add yeast
15. let ferment for 2 weeks
16. bottle and let set for 2 more weeks
17. pop cap off bottle
18. cheers or
19. salute then

He thinks it's going to be good!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Keeping up with the two's theme....

'Double your pleasure; double your fun...'
Slogan stole from Wrigleys Gum...

What's interesting about this photo is both horses
are standing exactly opposite of each other.
I was out taking photo's of barns again today,
and these nice looking horses were just wondering what I was doing.
The barns I took were to the left of them.
I've been out sick for an entire week, and starting yesterday
I have just started feeling better again. Darn Colds are getting worse each time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ice fishing again.....for eagles? No Perch!

OK, so we went ice fishing again last weekend, I caught two perch, and shot two eagles soaring! I also really wished I brought my zoom lens, but I didn't so this is the best I could get. Clayton caught a cold. There is talk about ice fishing again towards the end of Feb, Well I'm bringing my zoom lens. I found out there are two sets of eagles on the lake and I'm bound to 'catch' a fabulous shot of them...and more perch as well.

Then today, as the deer keep coming around. This is the closest they have been to the house, literally right outside our window. Unfortunately shot into the sun through a dirty window, but have to love the shadow.....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Corn brings Deer

Most every week while walking the dog I see many deer, but normally not around the house. They used to come around closer to our house more often but since a month or so ago they've been coming around less and less. SO! I decided why not give them some food! Is this a bad thing? I'm not sure yet. Will we be more likely to hit a deer in our car if more are around? I'm not sure yet. Will it attract more Squirrels? YEESSSSSS I can tell you that is true for sure. I think we'll be starting to use my new BB Gun. Is that mean? Yes! Will I even have the guts to aim and pull the trigger...most likely not. OK, so I have to ask would any of you shoot and kill a squirrel to protect your deer food AND bird seed? Our squirrel population has doubled possibly tripled in the last week, but then again so has the deer population. I'm in a quandary.....

The picture above was taken this evening right as it was started to get dark. There are five deer in that shot, four at the feeder and the fifth is in the back left corner between the trees. The image below was yesterday; pretty much around lunch time. I was surprised to see them out in the middle of the day.

I know one thing for sure; this weekend I plan on cutting down some of those berry bushes that are in my View of the Cute little Deer! Then maybe when a buck comes around I'll have a full open shot to shoot a picture that is....