Friday, May 15, 2009

Last Bird Picture....yeah right........

Ok, so I know I've been posting nothing but birds lately, but this weekend I promise that I will not post a single bird shot. I have plans of a few new subjects in mind and we'll see how it turns out, but will post something besides birds...I promise at least for the weekend.....

So I really sort of like this's a good idea not to delete all your bad photographs because what you can do with them in photoshop makes them so much more art like. This particular shot that I altered now feels like an impressionistic piece of art rather than a bad photograph, but also think it's funny to see what the feet look like. They look like prehistoric dinosaur feet on a Blue Jay.


  1. I don't know about the rest of your readers, but I enjoy the bird pics. I have my own stash that are like grandkid photos. I love them, but they get an eyeroll from most people. Glad you appreciated the birds in wind video. It is good to find a kindred spirit. Blogging, photography, and Photoshop are SO fun.

  2. I too like this shot! I haven't played around to much with photoshop, but hope too once I get a new laptop. My old computer is much to slow to run photoshop and Hayman doesn't want me to install it on his laptop....then he would never get to use his lap top...he, he. Keep posting the bird photos....I LOVE them!