Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gone Sunset Lake

Clayton decided it was time to get some fishing we went shopping yesterday and bought our fishing poles, some minimal tackle and bait, then headed out this morning to Sunset Lake to test our fishing skills. I have been really looking forward to it since last night. We woke up early, brewed up a pot of coffee and brought a themas and set our chairs up and casted away. Why is it that coffee out doors tastes so much better than in the house? It was the best darn coffee I'd had in a long time.

Ok, you have to know that Clayton has not gone fishing for over 25 years, and well I told him I wouldn't embarrass him, but all I can say is, I was cracking up like no tomorrow until he figured out how to cast was a hoot! But hey, he's the one who caught the who am I to criticize a man casting like a little boy :-)

So we'd been out there for over an hour and nothing, not even a bite and we said it was about time to pack up and head on home. But of course I had to take a few more pictures of the lake and then we saw a fish jump and it was close to my bobber, then Clayton saw another one jump close to where he was casting. We stayed just a little while longer and all the sudden Clayton Caught his First Fish in Wisconsin.

And then he let him go and off he swam....


  1. What a whopper! (the fish not the post) and bright and fun (the post not the fish). You'll have to go back again when that minnow is a little bigger.

  2. Well at least he caught something...even if it was a tiny fish...=) I'm sure as he gets back in the swing of things his casting skills will improve...just don't let him get hooked on fly fishing! We started out reel fishing a few years back and then Eric got hooked on fly fishing again and thats all she wrote....nuff said!

  3. when I saw the first shot of the fish on the line I was like wow...good catch, then when i was Clayton holding the fish I could not help but laugh! He know I am not laughing at him, though...:D