Wednesday, May 13, 2009

California Oranges in Wisconsin….

First of all, I have to start this story off with this: we have been buying oranges for the last two weeks and they say they are from California and I have to say they are the best darn oranges I’ve ever had. They are so sweet and juicy nothing like the ones I’ve gotten before in California. So I’m pretty happy about that.

Last Friday while I was out on the deck I saw another new bird in the trees. It was the brightest Orange color I’d even seen; and as usual I got completely over-excited and ran in to get my camera only to become a little (ok) very disappointed when I couldn’t get a good picture of it. But I thought well he’ll be coming around again and I’ll get him next time.

Well the weekend went by and I only saw him once and from a distance at that. When I had put up the new bird feeder I thought for sure I’d see him there, but as it turned out I only saw the female and she didn’t stay long nor did she ever come back.

So I browsed the internet to make sure the bird I was seeing was indeed the Baltimore Oriole and while doing so I saw a picture of it standing on top of an orange half. So I thought to myself, that these birds haven’t come around too much because maybe they are not too keen on seeds, and searched again on the eating habits and saw they love fruits and insects.

So I decided it was worth sharing one of my yummy and most delicious California Oranges and slicing it up and see what happened. I decided also that it was time to put my hummingbird food out as well. Not that I had seen any hummingbirds, but thought why not as the Oriole’s like nectar too; might help attract them.

Not even an hour went by and I was going nuts! Complete nuts! Not just one bird, but two were all over my orange slice and not just on the orange slice but drinking out of the hummingbird feeder too. I went crazy with excitement (it is almost scary how excited I got) but then went and grabbed my camera and got a few fantastic shots. Now the most interesting thing is later on that afternoon, I also saw my First Hummingbird!!! What an incredible day that turned out to be.

Interestingly enough, that little tiny hummingbird came over to the window just this morning and hovered…almost as if it was looking in and saying ‘thank you for putting some food out for me’.


  1. Great shots!!!! Especially the orange guy with the orange slice. I would be excited too. I saw my first oriole of the year here. He was going for the fruit and nut mix in the bird feeder. Keep bloggin'

  2. Those are wonderful shots! I love the orioles and the oranges. They have good taste of they like California oranges...=) Beautiful shot of the hummingbird. I remember how Nana loved her hummingbirds and hung all of those feeders on her front porch! Mom called the other day to let me know they had their first hummingbird of the season show up. I still need to get my feeder out as well. Also Mr. and Mrs. Swallow built their nest on top of our front porch light.