Tuesday, May 12, 2009

...a little action going on...

Well along with the flowers and plants we bought over the weekend, I decided I wanted to attract even more birds...so I bought another bird feeder. I had to decide if I wanted to put it out in the front yard, or keep it in the back --- near, but not next to the others. I decided to keep it in the back. That way I won't find myself out front looking and wondering what I was missing in the back at the same time. This way I can see both and not miss a beat...or rather the flap of the wings flutter.

So on Sunday I spent some time watching as they all found the new food and, well it brought out the aggressive side of a few of the birds as you will see below. Also made for some good entertainment as well.

.....And not a feather out of place....err ummm; ok, well accept for one....

Oh and this is the Female Rose-Breasted Grosbeak


  1. Wow! Better than pro wrestling. Such aggressive bad attitudes! Cool feeder. Jealous again.

  2. I can just hear them now now this is my house.....and this bird seed belongs to me!