Friday, October 30, 2009

WeekWord - Transportation

One day I took a plane as my choice of transportation to get to Wisconsin.
The views were incredible and I as usual went snap happy with my camera out the window. Not realizing when I took this picture that there was another plane in sight.
Not only am I choosing the plane as my weekword interpretation; it is also coupled with the clouds, as they float effortlessly and transport themselves along moving from one place in the sky to another until they just disappear....

to find the origin,
trace back the manifestations.

Between being and non-being
barely there
these sails of water, ice, air -
Indifferent drifters,
wandering high on freedom
of the homeless

Restlessly swithering
like ghosts, slithering through substance
in puffs and wisps

Lending an enchanting or ominous air
luminous or casting shadows,
ambivalent filters of reality

Bequeathing wreaths, or
modesty veils to great natural beauties
like mountain peaks

Sometimes simply hanging there
airborne abstract art
in open air

Suspended animation
continually contorting:
great sky whales, now, horse drawn carriages

unpinpointable thought forms,
punctuating the endless sentence of the sky.
This poem was written by: Yahia Lababidi

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rib Mountain and a Cranberry Tour - Color Galore

Well, I was not able to narrow the pictures down enough to post all on this blog. So I'm posting one each for these two locations and am including a link to a slide show which has 'the best of' of each trip.

Rib Mountain is one of (if not the highest) mountain in Wausau, Wisconsin. Not even 2000 feet (1,924 to be exact) hahaha some mountain, but a mountain non the less. They say this location is a billion-year-old hill which is one of the oldest geological formations on earth. It is also one of the best places around Central Wisconsin to go see fall colors. Even though our day was with overcast skies the pictures really give an idea of the masses of trees around the area and all the color variations that come with Autumn in Wisconsin. The hiking here was incredible and we all enjoyed it very much.

One of our other favorite days was the day after our first snow fall when we went to Glacial Lake Cranberry to do a cranberry tour. It was incredible and we got to go to two different cranberry bogs owners property. We first went to see them in action, haresting at Potter and Son's. This was a true treat to see, as they had two men pushing or coralling the berry up into a loader and dumbing them into a truck. Then in another bog over they had four men riding beater machines, which knocked the berries loose from the plants hidden below the water. Apparently these beater machines are a dying breed as with new technology a new method will soon take it's place. Most of the vines in these blogs were over 40 years old. You will notice two close up shots of only cranberries, one of them you will see alot of white berries. These will most likely become one of my favorite juices Cran-Apple Juice.

Now over at Glacial Lake Cranberries, their crop of berries were almost all red in color and these will be the variety that goes to the markets and sold as Fresh Cranberries. You will also notice in the picture how many berry there were floating on the top of the blog; it's an incredible crop this year for them and they almost lost it due to the freezing temperatures and snow. They had to submerge all their plants with water to protect them from freezing.

We bought 10 pounds and today Clayton is making Cranberry Apple Preserves. The house smells wonderful as he didn't stop there he is now making Apple Butter.

Click here (or the picture) for the slideshow of the rest of these great photo's

OK and how could I not post our frist snow of the season; taken Monday October 12th, 2009. This is our back deck/yard.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

took too many pictures

I did it, I went snap happy and took way to many pictures. Now I am overwhelmed and can't decide on which ones to post. The fall colors were incredible. (yes were, they are all blaazae now) My mom came to visit for a week. We went so many places. I've got so much to post. I just don't know where to begin....

We went hiking at Rib Mountain

We went to the EAA Aire Venture Museum in Oshkosh

We went hiking at the Dells of Eau Claire

We took a boat tour at the Chain O'Lakes

We went on a Glacial Lake Cranberry tour - OH MY GOD wait till you see the pictures but just SO many

We went shopping the first day it SNOWED in October...we got an Inch of snow on October 12

We also went to Sandhill Wildlife Area and watched as the Sandhill Cranes came in for the night. (no good pictures though, they were flying and landing just a little too far away for any good shots) but you don't know how excited it was to hear all their calls. So prehistoric sounding they are...I didn't want to leave. they were literally just coming over the horizon by the dozens, hundreds...maybe even thousands


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I See Color Everywhere I Look

These were taken on a friends property Saturday Oct 3rd.
A group of us went for a hike in the woods while another group went touring the Artists Studios (Clayton and I did that the following day) The hike in the woods was nice, all the trees were identified, many types of Oaks, Pines, Maples, Birch etc....

I've been here before; a few postings ago September 12 I was there as well. This is Lake Joanis again in Stevens Point; also knows as Schmeeckle Reserve; No Mosquito's there this time...temps are getting cooler and they have almost gone away for the rest of the year.
Thought I'd go again to see how the progress of colors was coming along. I may have to go one more time....still lots of shades of green...

These two pictures below are on the Ice Age Trail. The trail head that starts right off County Road Z (between Krogwold and Z) The picture below is taken just over the bridge in the grove of trees there...right next to the one highlighted in the sun....

This was taken off the road along Krogwold Road
There were Turkeys in the field, but they ran into the trees when they saw me