Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Calf That Stole My Heart!

We were invited to our neighbors Sunday evening for an evening filled with photographing the baby Calves, their Mom's and even their Dad. It was so much fun to be so close to them, the babies were all born in April so they are a few weeks old, two of the Mom's still have not given birth, so soon there will be two more running around. And how cute is that to see the little ones running and playing together. After we spent some time in the Cattle grazing area, we headed off on a hike in their woods and I took several nice images of the woods, wildflowers and meadows.

I've posted a slide show of them all here: Backyard Beauties

But here are just a few of them to entice you to click the link above to see the rest! Who knew cows and calves would make such great photo subjects!


  1. What FUN photos! As much work as a dairy herd is...I REALLY miss the animals. You have captured the bouncy babies so well. And the momma too. Makes me want to feel their soft coats and laugh at their antics. Off to check on your link!

  2. The calves are so cute. They look to be fat and happy critters..=) I love seeing the new baby calves out on the range. I noticed a few new babies on my way home from work yesterday. They are considered late calves as most of the ranchers around here start calving in March. Great shots!