Friday, June 5, 2009

and then there was ONE - - - Day 6

I was very sad to see that this morning there was only one baby left. It grew a lot too, that nest definitely was not big enough for four babies let alone two. The black marking I mentioned in Day 5 are much more distinct now, and he popped up high enough to see almost to his wing tips. I believe over the weekend he should start getting some pin feathers. I hope at least, as this little naked baby needs some warmth. It's supposed to rain all weekend.....


  1. Looks like life is pretty tough for baby robins. Tough for mom and dad too. Those birds are about the first to show up as winter eases. They work their beaks off nesting and feeding and still are the first to sing in the morning and still are singing as the skies darken. They obviously rid the world of a lot of pests and pretty much live in harmony with people. Amazing birds! Thanks for a view into the nest.

  2. Your posts of the nest and babies have been great! It is so hard when the babies do not make it. We just went through that here with a meadowlark nest that we had been watching...sad!

    I'm still waiting for the baby swallows to hatch....their nest is righ outside our front door on top of our porch light. I have wanted to take photos, but momma swallow scares easy, so I have tried hard not to disturb her to much.