Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Since I thought I killed the Raccoon

I was actually happy when my dog went baazerk yesterday afternoon as the Raccoon came to the deck to get some birdseed. It was so early too, full sunshine and all. Well, I ended up scaring the little guy off just to calm the dog down, but did notice that he looked a little ratty and thin. I had put ant bait traps out the other week and soon after noticed three of them missing, one had bite marks or claw marks on it and the plastic was broken and the bait was half eaten and was just laying on top of the deck railing, so I know it wasn't the dog. The other two just plain were gone. I have no idea of who or what carried those two off. Since that time I hadn't seen or heard anything to do with the Raccoon and so I concluded that he died from eating the ant bait.

Well He's Back...maybe he got sick and decided not to come back around for a while, but I felt so sorry for him that when he came back later in the evening, when it was just getting dark, I let him stay and eat. And eat he did for over an hour, notice the feeder is full, this morning when I went out, it was empty down to the last flower. Sparky was actually pre-occupied with a stuffed bone and did not even notice him out there. I probably make more problems by doing this, but he really is cute look at this little face as he took a break from eating the sunflower seeds and came to drink some water...then went right back to the seeds.


  1. He DOES look a little scrawney. Maybe he will fit in that hollow log a little better. If he ate all the baby robins I'll not forgive him for that. But, DANG, what a cute face.

  2. Okay...he is one cute raccoon! Hard to believe they can be so pesky and mean at times.I'm sure he was happy to have such a buffet at hand.