Sunday, June 14, 2009

Critters and Buggies

Today started with me going out to photograph a plant that I don't know the name of. It had little tiny flowers (not opened yet) that dangle from the leave above it. It's hidden really, but anyways, that is not what I'm posting, I just started with that picture and seems that lead to another and another and another, but of different critters and bugs I saw today.

Before we got the railroad ties moved from the front to the back yard, I was playing ball with Sparky. I went out to the yard to pick up his tennis ball and found that there was a slug on it. I thought, wow a slug, wouldn't that be interesting to photograph. So I did....

Then we moved the railroad ties, and Clayton saw this caterpillar on the fence and commented about how colorful it was with the blue spots and the orange...well we'd just moved two of the railroad ties and I needed to I rested by running in and grabbing the camera to take its picture.

Then while we were digging the dirt for our garden bin, Clayton noticed this inch worm. He was sort of spazzing out and the top part of his entire body would lift off the leaf and swing far to the right then back to the did that several times, but I liked this shot of him straight on...

Then this moth I think it is, seems a little fuzzy for a butterfly, well it landed and just stayed the entire time we I had to take it's picture too...interesting look with the thin brown stripe going through the wing.

So after we finished with digging the dirt, Clayton went to the store to buy the pete-moss and the veggies to plant. While he went shopping, I went back out for another little nature walk and came across a few other critters....This spider below, name unknown and hopefully not poisonous or deadly, because they are everywhere, was just sitting here on the leave. To the right of this one was two others and we've seen them everywhere, accept for in the far that is.

Then I saw a little red spot on a green leave, and at a closer look turned out to be this little cute lady bug, at least i think it's a lady bug and not some other type of ladybug looking beetle. This guys head is so amazing, seems a little different than what I'd think a lady bug head would look like, and his eyes, this little bugs got the buggiest of eyes...and they are slightly blue or a light pretty....but I also think we get infested with these guys...

And then there is this fly...a fly? I'm sure it's a type of fly, just don't know what kind, but these guys are everywhere. They love the dirt too when freshly dug up. This one had the most beautiful red eyes I've ever seen...hahahah

And then there is the picture I didn't get; of a double winged dragon fly...I hope I am able to caputre that one another day, it didn't stay landed long enough for me to take it's picture or to see it super clearly, but from what I did see of it got me really wanting badly to capture its picture. The obession of the need to photograph the double winged dragon fly has taken over be continued.


  1. Nice close-ups of those critters. The caterpillar might be an armyworm. I have seen a serious invasion of them when they came enmass and stripped the vegetation down to sticks. It could be a carpet caterpillar--the kind that make big webby nests in trees--and strip the vegetation down to sticks. The big spider is just a Daddy-Longlegs--pretty harmless, but have been know to bite and leave a welt. It looks like you have a pretty healthy environment to support such a variety of life. Good luck with that dragonfly.

  2. What a buggy day you had...=) Those are some amazing shots. Love the ladybug. Have never seen one with a spotted head before.