Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cranberry Fields in Bloom

This last weekend was the Cranberry Festival in Wisconsin Rapids. They advertised several days of actives and tours of the cranberry fields in bloom and I was all excited imaging how beautiful they must look.

We ended up taking a drive out there, but did not make it to any of the activities, we drove the 29 mile bike route through the country and fields of cranberry. When we finally got out of the car to look at them closer I have to admit, I was just a little disappointed. I had imagined them being much more bigger blooms and much more colorful field; as it was you could barely see the blooms. However, I got super excited when I saw the double winged dragonfly right next to the field we stopped at. Seems most of these cranberry fields have water canal surrounding them....they were full of dragonflies, lily pads some were even in bloom, Sand Hill Cranes and even Blue Heroins. Here are just a few pictures along the way....

This last picture, as you might notice, is not a cranberry field,
I just thought it made a nice landscape image.


  1. Wow! Outstanding photos of the crane and babies, and the big heron. Not to mention catching that dragonfly before he took off. My kids were into catching bugs for collections and those big dragonflies were a challenge. I almost lost a child in a pond filled with duckweed while she was concentrating on capturing one of those. Fun to see the photo of the two of you as well. Thanks!

  2. Great photos! Loved seeing the crane and her babies. What a great way to spend the day too....=) Looks like the two of you are enjoying getting to know the new area.