Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ten Acres of Blackberries ripening up soon....

They literally are everywhere throughout the property and I'm sure the birds will get most of them, but I'm really hoping that I can be motivated enough to make some jam (I'll have to make it seedless style as I don't like jam with seeds) I've never made jam before, so will be interesting and will have to go buy all the tools I'll need, and I might even bake a berry cobbler. I am almost positive this is a Blackberry, and I'm pretty sure we have some Raspberries too.
The berry above is what I think are the blackberries;
we have way more of these around; they are everywhere
The berry below is what I think are raspberries;
these are only in a few spots here and there.
I'll find out soon if I'm right on my guessing the type of berry!

And as usual while I was out taking pictures of the berries, I saw this flower

then I saw this beetle. The neon color really caught my eye...

I also saw a frog that I almost stepped on; a pretty nice sized mushroom, a round fuzzy thing attached to a tree limb, two beetles with the longest feelers I've ever seen mating and I also saw a few other things, but it is muggy and buggy today, the flies, mosquitoes and bees or whatever buzzes you right around your ears were really bugging me.


  1. Nice photos. I love wild blackberries. They are a challenge to pick, but make a wonderful pie. The green beetle is a beauty. You have a great lens and a steady hand!

  2. You are correct in your berry guessing...=) The first photo is blackberry and the second is raspberry. I have made strawberry jam and raspberry jam over the years, but never blackberry. It is pretty easy, so I'm sure you will do just fine. And there is nothing better than fresh blackberry cobbler....=)

    Do you remember Nana's jams and jellies? They were so yummy!!

    Cool looking beetle! I don't think I have ever seen one that green!