Monday, June 8, 2009

Iverson Park - a walk in the midst of unspoiled beauty

Sunday morning we heading out with our dog for a nice walk at Iverson Park. I didn't know about this park until Saturday when we drove past it on our way back from the grocery store. I saw a glimse of this bridge and river from the road as we drove past, the picture above and below is what made me really want to go there. So I did a search on-line and found out that they actually allow dogs! I was excited as I started to think most places around here did not want dogs around. The last two lakes we went fishing at specifically say No Dogs allowed. While there I learned that they also rent canoes and you can take a four hour trip down the river and then have the company pick you up down river and bring you back. That will be something we do for sure before too long I hope or in the fall. They say the river will go down quite a bit during the summer and that Spring and Fall would be the best time to go. I'm thinking Fall...I'm thinking fall colored leaves will be incredible to see.

There is also a pretty nice sized pond that this trail goes around (pretty sure it's part of McDill Pond), and I'll be going back when the weather is nicer for some better birding opportunities. I only saw Red Winged Black Birds, a few ducks and some other identified bird that landed on the cat tails pretty much the same way the Black Birds do. (so I just did an Internet search for Female Red Winged Black Birds and guess what? That unnamed bird I just mentioned is the Female version of the Red Winged Black Bird; wow what a complete difference in the way they look compared to the male) Oh and some type of bird that swoops down and skims the water for little insects and fans it's tail out while doing do. Looked to have a white strip at the end of the tail...not sure what that species is...Will try for a picture of that next time....

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  1. Nice pics, esp. the last one. Beauty of a park. Still sad about the baby robins.