Friday, July 3, 2009

shoveling 20 tons of crushed hand

Clayton got this idea about a bochic ball court in our front yard and hasn't stopped talking about it since we moved here. We will also put a gazebo up and maybe a deck around the back end. It will be so nice when it is finished...but how long will it take to be finished is the question....

First off, we really thought the outline of the court was not that off level. Well looks can be so deceiving! I mean real deceiving. This morning we brought out the water level and realized the back end was about 3 feet lower than the front end. We didn't expect that at all, we thought maybe a foot off, but not 3 feet. (maybe even more haven't measured) We had over 20 tons of decomposed granite delivered. In hindsight the truck driver should have poured directly into our court and moved up slowly as he poured...would have saved us so much work in moving it.

So it took us ALL day to move 18-19 tons of rock! Shovel by Shovel, Wheel Barrel by Wheel Barrel. (21.68 tons were delivered that is a full truck load)

The funny thing is; it really doesn't look like we did much work at all. When you see these pictures, it just doesn't seem like it would take ALL day to move from the spot it was dumped to the location in the court. Our goal was to get the court leveled today, well we pooped out before we got it all moved over and also decided we'll need to put up the retaining walls and court borders before we can finish leveling and packing the rock inside the court. That happens tomorrow....

The outline of the court; now doesn't this look pretty level?
You can barely see it in the photo but it's outlined in yellow string...

This was a huge looking truck;
that little pile sure doens't like like 21.68 Tons of Rock does it?

The Pile; looked so small at first,
but then by the end of the day seemed to be never ending...

I'm just so happy it's shaddy in this location

look how far down our pile went, but look how little it seems there is in the court

At times however we really did feel like we were making a dent

but by the end of the day...sure didn't seem like much

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  1. Wow...that is some undertaking! That is a lot of rock!!!!! And to move it all by hand...ACK! I bet there were some sore backs come nightfall.