Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flowers in the yard...and First Berry Pick

This evening I took a walk in the yard and found a couple nice flowers and picked some berries; I ate them along the way, but this is what I brought home for dessert tonight. Maybe over some ice-cream........maybe.......they are pretty good by themselves.

The image above has been altered in photoshop. I used an overlay of another image for texture then turned the opacity way down so you could almost see through it, but then played with the hue and saturation till I liked it. I probably couldn't repeat it if I tried as I didn't save the PSD file...silly me! but the fun of playing in Photoshop is just that...playing till you see something you like.

The image below is the original, however it's cropped from the original full capture.


  1. The berries look yummy!! Is that the original look of those flowers in the second picture or have they been photoshoped to look so high contrast? As for ice cream with bugs...never tried it on purpose. Might be a little bold for me. :-D

  2. hehe ice cream with bugs...that's funny, I meant the berries. And they were not eaten with ice cream, they were eaten by them selves most all by Clayton as I let it slip to him that I had eaten a bunch while out picking I guess he thought the rest were his far share...

  3. Where the jam? They look like really good jam berries. But just berries is good and so is ice cream.