Monday, July 6, 2009

Project Bochie Ball....More....Sunday

Our third day into the project, we managed to get the main top part of the frame done; level and somewhat almost perfectly square. To two Virgo's who have perfectionist tendencies, we decided to live with what we came out with...which really wasn't that far off...we did manage to get it perfectly level. Thanks to the 100 foot water level we used (that is the green hose looking thing in the middle of the court you will see in the pictures). At first when we realized that the level of the court was over 3 feet different from the front to the back I thought for sure the water level was lying, but hey water doesn't lie! Water levels to absolute level; no matter how level you think your ground is by sight don't trust what you see...use a water level first before starting any project that is going to require leveling....the water level tells the truth. Whether you want to see it or not.

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  1. Good luck with your big project! I am guessing bocce ball is a lot like boules and petonk. Petonk (at least the way we play it)does not need much of a court. My total lack of coordination makes it a challenge for those standing near. Hope you post final results with players.