Sunday, July 26, 2009

Photoshopping Sand Hill Cranes

Down the road from where I live there are lots of corn fields and lots of Sand Hill Cranes. Clayton even sometimes calls me on his way to work to tell me where they are and how close to the road they are and how pretty their heads look. But I've never said, 'Really I better get my camera and drive over there and take some pictures" But this morning, on my way back from taking more pictures of baby cows (you can watch a slide show if you'd like here) I saw them in the field. I had already driven past and thought to myself, why not, go back and see if you can take a picture before they walk too much further away from the road. While I didn't have my 300 MM zoom lens with me, I was stuck with my 135MM and was not too happy with the results of my capture. So I decided to make my own image. I used three different pictures and cloned the edges together, I used the eye ball of the middle one, and copied it to the bird on the left and I enhanced the birds eye on the right as well. SO the moral of the story is...if you can't take the picture you wanted to take, then make one yourself in photoshop :-)

The image above is the one I created...
The image below is one of the three images I used to create it...

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  1. FUN photos of the calves. They have really grown up. Love the interaction with the lab dog. :D Photoshop is the best thing next to digital for people who love cameras. I have an old version 6 at home. At work I get to use a fancier one that has more toys than I will never figure out how to play with.

    Love the cranes. They seem to be such happy birds. They dance and sing and don't care if others think they may look awkward or sound REALLY brassy and loud.