Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hasta's will be blooming soon

I've never had a Hasta before, never even heard of one, but here at the new house, I've got hundreds of them. It seems. Hundreds of stems with lots of budding flowers at least. Really though I might have close to 100 plants and they are all the same type. I've learned since coming here that there are a wide variety of Hasta all different colored foliage and I'd image different flowers too.

So they have all popped up stems and they all have budding blooms just waiting to open. This is a picture of one that is the furthest along. I'm wondering if my humming birds will come to these, as they look like they will be a flower they'd like.

I did a texture overlay on this image and tweaked the coloring and opacity a bit of the textured image (not the flower itself) and thought it turned out not too bad. Stay tuned for more as soon as they are opened fully I will take more.


  1. They look a lot like the wild camas that grows in boggy wild places and in a spot in my perennial garden. Blue? Nice texture effect.

  2. Not blue, it's sort of purple or violet (light) I think.