Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mouse Trap

You want to laugh at something, try to visualize me setting a mouse trap! And it snapping and peanut butter flying all over, not just once, but over and over again, I for the life of me could not get the darn things to stay set. I even got my pinky finger caught; got a blood blister. Then I went down to the basement; I did this not because I’ve seen evidence of mice dropping but because I swore the other day I heard them scurrying in the ceiling while I was in the basement….so thought maybe it was mice. We will see. So I got up on a chair and slide the darn things up in the opening to where the finished basement ceiling is…and one of them snapped as I put it up and I jerked so much the other one went off in my other hand, yeah peanut butter went flying again. So then I set the one, the other one I couldn’t reach anymore and then freaked out at the thought of this large massive huge rat approaching the trap….Sparky had been outside, but then I realized it was Sparkys paw nails tapping on the floor above as he walked across the floor. I swear it was a rat; not a mouse from the sound of it. so who knows what I really heard if we don’t have mice, then I might have been birds…I’ll let you know if I catch one…I caught one!


  1. I have SO been there! LOL!! Looks like peanut butter is still the magic bait! Congrats. (Still laughing at your Lucy moment).

  2. I am so cracking up right now! Sorry, but that was too funny! I can just see the peanut butter flying! And that photo of the mouse you caught....feet all up in the air....That's funny!