Sunday, March 8, 2009

We Made it to Wisconsin but not home yet

Today we drove over 12 hours...lost two hours due to time change and Central Time Zone, not sure how that works out; but seems like we drove forever. The sun had just rose when we left Nebraska and had set 1 hour or so after we arrived in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Which is a place we will want to come back to. We came down a hill, Clayton called them bluffs and we are staying in a hotel right next to the Mississippi River. Sparky has done so well traveling we will travel more and stay over night for weekend trips often I think.

This picture below is a basic image of what Nebraska looks like everywhere. Not much, not many trees, but I should say there were plenty of little lakes and ponds along the way filled with all sort of birds. Birds flew over head consistently and i got a few nice images which follow:

Nebraska wasn't too exciting ACCEPT for the birds!!!! I swear I got so excited seeing so many birds. Cranes were everywhere, snow geese and ducks too.

This little lake was right off I-80, I wanted to stop sooooooo bad but Clayton said no and we had to keep going. I understood, but still can't help think of the awesome images I could have got if I was able to spend some time here.

When we left the hotel this morning it was 7 degrees out, the road was icy but we did ok on it. then we drove through some pretty thick fog for about an hour; then it got nice. We did drive through a bit of rain, just real light rain though and a few area's of snow but not much.

Here is one picture I took while in Iowa: Windmills are everywhere.

I'm tired tonight so i will have to update with more details later, but wanted to get at least this much posted. We will probably not have access to the Internet now until Friday, but I might try to see if we can get an earlier install day.

Weather tomorrow looks good we only have three hours (150 miles) to go till we are home. We might get snow on Tuesday which will be awesome; when I'm home I'll love the snow hahaha

Oh did I happen to mention Sparky LOVES the snow!!!!!!! Wait till I take some pictures of him frolicking through the snow. He really is so cute.

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