Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spark's Great Escape....and safe return

Sparky got out last Thursday, late afternoon; I had let him out on our deck which we sort of or so I thought Sparky proofed so he couldn't leave the deck area.....Well, that apparently didn't work. For approximately an hour and a half I spent the entire time hiking through berry bush infested woods, knee deep snow (apparently a drift cuz that was only one small area) and ankle deep mudded soon to be corn fields hunting for him. Only to come back to the house and find him howling up a storm waiting for me to let him back in!

I was so mad at him; the entire time I was out there I’m balling my eyes out thinking he was going to freeze to death tonight! You should see my legs though; berry bushes have stickers and I’ve got scratches all over my legs; I ran out after him wearing sweat pants luckily I had my warm boots on.

And I had mud all over my shoes, other stickers attached to my sweatshirt and sweat pants and wet feet; Sparky was as clean as a whistle accept for one thorn which was not even inserted in his body, just stuck to his fur…..

Darn Dog!

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  1. Glad Sparky is back safe and sound. Sounds like you really got a good workout looking for him and a few battle scars as well!