Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A funny Story

Ok, so before I begin to update I have to go back to the night we stayed at Motel 6 due to the snowfall. This is too good to not mention. But when I wrote about the snow that had fallen since we’d been there and saw the picture I took of my blue car with the snow on it. Well guess what? In the morning there was just a bit more snow on it and Clayton had gone out with a hand full of items to load into the cars, and so I went out soon after he went out with a handful of stuff for my own car. Clayton was not around, I wasn’t sure exactly where he went, but I went to my car and started to remove snow from the passenger side back seat window and brushed off my door handle to get Sparky’s stuff inside. The windows had already formed a nice layer of ice and so just by brushing with my hand it was not coming off. So I put the stuff I brought out down on the sidewalk and went back in to get a towel to brush the snow off with, as my hand had already gotten cold. Got back down there and started again and still didn’t get the ice off; that ice is hard to remove when hardened to glass. Anyhow I noticed that my door handle was on the right side, and I questioned in my mind that I could have sworn my handle was on the left side. Then as I looked a little more closely I saw that the rear view mirror on the passenger side had been cracked. I thought to myself had the cold air done that, or did the car that parked next to me hit it? I was a bit puzzled, and still I was not able to get the freaken snow and ice off my car. Well just after that I walked back up to the sidewalk and checked out Clayton’s car next to mine, he was still not there and I wondered where he went. Then I saw him coming; he had walked to the little market and bought an ice scrapper. So I walked a few steps past his car to meet him and I noticed that the car on the other side of his was actually MY car. The car I had been attempting to scrap snow and ice from and that had the broken window and had door handles in the wrong locations and the car that I actually took a picture of the night before, was NOT MY car after all. I busted up! I remembered that video Clayton’s Brother sent us about a man cleaning off snow and ice on his car with his briefcase, slipping and sliding along the way only to find out when he hit his remote to unlock his doors the car in front of the one he just cleaned off chirped and flashed its lights. Anyhow thought maybe someone would get a chuckle out of reading this :-)

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