Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Day Before the long Three Day Drive...or will it be Four?

I'm exhausted! It took us two entire days to load the truck. We used about 15 feet of space and the truck and our belongings are on their way. My body has never felt so tired and sore. Then today we spent the entire day cleaning and scrubbing ugghhh.

And even though it rained the majority of the time; we really didn't get that wet.

Tomorrow morning by 7am we hope to head off in an easterly direction. Our plan is to follow 80 all the way across the Country. Our first stop if all goes well with be Salt Lake City.

Since I'm so tired; tonight's entry is short. Stay tuned for daily progress :-)But below are two pictures; the first is our garage with the majority of our household items. (we had moved everything to the garage in order to have our hardwood floors refinished...which look marvelous by the way) and the other picture is of the truck that we packed everything into.

But before I sign off for tonight; I just want to say a BIG Thank You to my Mom for having us stay over during the days our floors were refinished and the remaining days after while we packed and got ready for the move. The dinners were awesome, thanks mom for all you do for us!


  1. wow! That is amazing that all your stuff fit in your garage. I am so excited for you. Happy Trails To You! How is sparky taking to the road trip? Did you have good first day on the road. Can't wait to read and see more pictures. Safe travels tomorrow and every day after.
    Blog at you later!!! Jamie

  2. Hi Jamie, Thanks for adding a comment; because I read this you encouraged me to add tonight's blog entry. I almost was not going to do it but with your comment I just had to :-) thanks

    I didn't mention this in the blog last night, but after driving 12 hours that first day I felt like a zombie! And Poor Sparky, even though he's a great traveling dog and does incredibly well in the car he will not sleep; he was trembling with exhaustion literally shaking from sitting up to see out the window all cute but as soon as his paws in the ground he's back to normal and eager to go for his walk. He and both Clayton and I slept great last night.