Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finches Oh My!

About a week after hanging my bird feeders I started to get birds coming around. I was so excited to see how colorful they are. I'll have to learn about birds so I can identify them when new species come into the area. There are some I have seen the last few days but do not know what type they are.

I really enjoyed taking these yesterday morning; it had snowed Friday night, about a inch or so, but Saturday morning was beautiful and the sun was out and a few hours later the snow had melted.

Taking good or even great pictures of birds is as you can image not such an easy task when they are flying all over and not really holding still. This one picture however even though it's not in focus I absolutely love. I keep thinking if only this was in focus, I'd have another great picture to print. (these thoughts keep me inspired to keep trying and I will) I also posted some of the better shots on my website which you can view here:


  1. Hi Cousin...=) Mom sent me the link to your blog. I have enjoyed reading about your move and the cross country trip...what an adventure! I know a thing or two about moving after having done it 14 or so times in the last 23 years!! Sounds like you are settling in and getting to know the wildlife in the area. That is always so fun...=)

    Birds are so hard to photography. Your shot is amazing even if it is a tad out of focus.

    Happy Sunday to you.

  2. I just checked out your website photos of the finches...those shots are AMAZING!!! Love them!