Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's going to be a four day trip.....

Before I begin today's entry I have to say....Since day one; I've been thinking this same message on the billboard: This is in Wyoming and I was actually taking a picture of the dark mountains behind the sign until I saw the message on the sign...I couldn't resist altering it slightly.

Well this morning was super nice, it was 27 degrees out and Sunny and Sparky was so excited when walking around the hotel we stayed at in Salt Lake City. He sure loves new scents! After Sparky's morning walk and poop; we headed out on the road again and the day looked as it it would be great the whole day through.

Salt Lake City is actually quite beautiful with the city butted up again that giant mountain range.

We headed East on 80, over the mountain we went, and then the terrain turned into the same thing almost as Nevada only a few more reddish colored mountains and cool rock formations. Wyoming sort of similar, it all blends together; seems to me Eastern Utah and Wyoming look pretty much the same for the most part.

Wyoming is train county; I can't believe how many trains we saw.

We hit snow in Cheyenne Wyoming over the last mountain range before the Nebraska border then again an hour or so into Nebraska. We ended up stopping in North Platte, Nebraska due to thicker snow fall and it was starting to get dark.

Sparky is doing great in the car. I can't believe how well he stays still and doesn't get fussy, even hours later. He loves to look out the window though and fights his sleepy eyes. When he does finally try to lay down he half ways does it with this front paws perched on jackets I've placed next to the window so his head could stay up high enough to see out the window. He loves each stop we make; he always eager to get out of the car and start smelling he even sometimes pees.

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures in Nebraska yet; accept for the car in the parking lot below, but I will tomorrow morning. It's pretty flat though and nothing to interesting but I'll see if I can find something nice to photograph along the way.

So we have been at the hotel now for over 2 hours and it's still snowing; here is a picture of my car; the dark blue one covered in an inch or so of snow....

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