Monday, August 31, 2009

Scenic Sunday

This picture below, is taken at the end of the road that I live on; just a few miles down; Today was the first day I explored that area. There is also a trail head, part of the Ice Age Hiking Trail. A friend and I hiked it and turns out it's quite hilly. We got a good workout in none the less and enjoyed the scenery along the way. Towards the end of the hike, we ran across a lake which is also below. The Field and Sky picture I did in HDR, then applied an artistic filter (water color) to in photoshop.

This Barn shot is a few miles away from where I live as well. Friday and Saturday we had a pretty big rain storm roll through and the sunflowers sort of took a beating, but overall the picture even with battered sunflowers turn out nicely. This picture I also did in HDR and applied a Dry Brush filter to in photoshop.

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  1. Nice shots! Don't you wish you could photoshop your life? Yourself? What a concept! Hope the gazebo is going well.