Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gazebo progress and it's lookin good....

This last weekend we got a lot done on the gazebo. So far it's been going up pretty easily. We only had to make one little adjustment (not called for in the instructions) and will soon find out if that messed anything up for the roof installation. Keep fingers crossed! it all works out when we get the roof parts up.

First bug to fly into the gazebo and entertain us; but i have no idea what this bug is? if anyone knows, please let me know, cuz he looks like he can be dangerous if that is a stinger at his tail end. He has a very interesting sound when he fly's and his butt area is red and that freaky stinger thing or what ever that is is quite scary. He landed on the back of my chair, but before that he was crawling and flying around the rest of the inside of the gazebo.

And we are so happy so far with the progress....

1 comment:

  1. Woohoo! That gazebo is looking spectacular!. That is going to be a great place to hang out with your laptop and your bloggy friends. As for the bug--no clue. I'll bet the "stinger" is just a gadget for depositing eggs, though. Nice photo of the critter.