Sunday, August 2, 2009

Humming Bird Frenzy

The humming birds were going nuts today, I think it was mom's and babies being very territorial. They were really aggressive and I could even hear them hitting each other. I swear one of them speared another with her beak...she had feathers (two of them) stuck to her beak after one major attach. I also have a feeling my humming bird feeder in the front yard is dry....hence the fight for the sweet nectar begins....while most of these pictures do not show that they were fighting over the feeder, know that they were. All of these pictures (accept for the flower shots) where taken when the birds were inches away from the feeder. I have to admit, I even have a couplepictures here where I 'cut' the feeder out of the picture as it was in the middle of the two birds and pasted the bird in and fixed the seam with photoshop so they look much closer together than they were. I'll note which photo's as I post....I darkened the back ground on all of these so the birds pop...

In the picture below, the feeder was just to the left...the two birds were both on the right side of the feeder the one on top is actually above the feeder and just to the right of it..
This one, the feeder is to the right edge, I cropped the feeder out....

This is another one where I cut the feeder out between the two birds so they look like they are aright in front of each other.

and this one too...

This one is GREAT, I love the UPSIDE down bird (bottom left) Incredible...

OK, this is awesome too! I got the birds pee as it's falling....WOW

This flower is in a pot, right below where the feeder is hanging on the deck rail.


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!! those shots are incredible!!!!!!So jealous of your flock of hummers and your opportunity to photograph them in all their wildness. Even upside down and peeing! Your pictures are worthy of glossy magazines and documentaries. Hummers are scarce around here. I saw a couple last year and only one this year. I've only seen a group of them at a motel in Colorado where the owners had been feeding them for years. There were all kinds and were like a hive of bees.

  2. Visiting via Leenie - your photos are wonderful!

  3. Those shots are amazing and beautiful! We were at mom and dads yesterday and she had six or seven hummingbirds fighting over the feeder. My camera was at home, so I just watched them from the window.