Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend - Part 1 Gazebo's Looking Good

Over Labor Day weekend, we had hoped to get the gazebo project complete. But that did not happen. But we got it almost complete. We got all the trim and screens and door and FIRST roof on and shingled. We still have a second tier to add to the roof, but rain is coming; starting tomorrow and we were so glad to get the first roof done and shingled.
Clayton ended up tweaking his knee a little bit on Saturday and so on Sunday we took a day off to let it rest and get better for Monday when he would be up and down the ladder and on his knees crawling over the entire roof hamming shingles. Which actually turned out to be a good thing for both of us; because we got to go the the county fair and then to a Jazz festival on the river front...those postings will be coming soon....

I have to admit --- I was a nervous wreck the entire time while he was up on that roof. I just didn't believe it would hold his weight but in the end, it seemed to just fine.

This picture below is a panoramic with two pictures stitched together. I wanted to show the distance from the house and the length of the boccie ball court and what the view from inside the gazebo looked like.

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