Saturday, August 8, 2009

Minister Lake

Clayton, Sparky and I went for a short little hike this morning. We originally headed out looking for New Hope Pines, where we will be going next weekend for an event with a few local groups, but we were not able to find it. So we just decided to follow a trail we saw that went to Minister Lake. This lake is only a few miles away from the house, which is nice not to have to drive so far; but the hiking trails really don't seem to go very far.

The lake is more like a pond or more of a swamp; it's full of grasses and lily pads, none were really in bloom. Now that would be something to see when those are all in bloom.

We thought for sure there would have been a ton of mosquito's out around this lake, but there really wasn't many. I killed one on the back of Clayton's shirt, I didn't see any land on me (might be because I used some repellent though) this morning while it was still relatively cool out, it was a bit humid and we worked up a bit of a sticky sweat.

There is actually a beaver dam here at the lake, or we think it was, to me it looked more like a pile of small branches and logs, but it was on the waters edge and there was evidence of some beavers with several gnawed off trees. I should have taken a picture of those, but I didn't.

When we got back, I had to do a search on the Internet to see if I could find out how to get to that New Hope Pines area, I know where to go, it must be a very small parking lot, we apparently passed it twice but didn't see it. It must not have signs, but from the map I found it should be almost exactly one mile off of County Road Z and we should find it tomorrow. When we do, I'll write more on that location...hopefully tomorrow :-)

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  1. I love the trail wondering through the trees. I walk in those woods would be relaxing!