Saturday, April 17, 2010

If Only . . . . .

If only that tree was not in the way! If only the bird spotted a fish on my side of the tree...If only I could catch fish this easily...If only I had brought my tripod...If only I had set my shutter speed faster....If only I could eat fish whole...ok well not really but man this could have been a nice series if only he was fishing the other direction. Darn Tree. This is by the way my very first image where I bird catches a fish; when I was panning him as he flew off the tree branch he was sitting on, I really thought he was going to go up; I was hoping to get a nice shot of him in flight...but to my delight, I got to see him hunting for his breakfast then got to watch as he swallowed it whole. Previous shots I captured him throwing something yellow up; liquid type stuff...sort of gross but interesting non the less...

But at least nothing was in the way of this Red Winged Black Bird as he flew towards me to land in the tree behind me.

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  1. Makes you appreciate all the more those shots in productions like "Planet Earth" that seem so effortless. How many hours and how much misery did it REALLY take. Your heron shots are still amazing. The blackbird photo is a WINNER. I love how the bird is the only thing in focus with the wings blurred to give motion.

    Darn tree.