Friday, April 2, 2010

Birds in Flight

This morning I went back out to where I had saw the two cranes yesterday, but as I had guessed they were not still there. So, I went to another nearby lake called Collins Lake and on the way over there I came across this wetland area (fist picture below note: the cranes in this picture are cut and paste out of the third picture below. I just felt it needed birds). Birds and frogs were singing like crazy; all the red winged blackbirds were everywhere but off in a distance; I could hear so many of them but only saw a few. Then I continued down the road and arrived at the lake. Just as soon as I got there, the two Sand Hill Cranes flew over my head. I had time to snap three pictures (one of which is the third image below), then the geese on the other side of the lake started honking; funny how you always hear them first. I quickly zoomed in and panned them as they flew then all the sudden both of them like rolled back showing their bellies.

The bird in flight that I missed this morning was a very large looking Eagle, I pulled over on the side of the road just as he turned to circle and headed off into the distance. Hopefully I'll have other opportunities to capture the Eagles around here.


  1. Those cranes belong in your first photo. Nice job putting them in their place. It looks like the bird in front has a fish or a bit of grass to make a nest. Fun photo of the geese. If it will ever warm up and stop snowing I'll have to visit some of our local wetlands.

  2. Beautiful shots! I agree that the first photo needed the birds in it...;)

    Wishing you and Clayton a very Happy Easter!