Tuesday, March 2, 2010

daffodils in Wisconsin? I don't think so

Not Yet anyhow! I received a couple pictures of the front yard where I used to live in San Jose, California; and then I took one this morning of our front yard in Wisconson. Well makes me wish I had planted 100's of daffodils last year so I had something to look forward to once the snow melts. But I did not. Maybe this year I'll plant some...the snow will be melted soon and then yard work will be plentyful.


  1. Great minds think alike. Almost every fall I end up buying some tempting sort of blubs in the grocery store or Wal-mart. I plant them and promptly forget about them. So I get all kinds of surprises when the snow FINALLY melts. And then they proliferate and I have to deal with too many yellow tulips coming up where I planted something else.

  2. Wow, what a difference in those two pictures! I haven't planted bulbs in years. We have no landscaping around our house, no green lawn to look forward to, flowers, etc.. Someone doesn't want to spend the money on landscaping when we don't even own the house. (it is provided with the job) I guess I see his point, but miss having flowers, grass, etc. I think you'll be plenty busy come spring with your yard work. ;)