Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brew'n Beer

Clayton has decided to make some beer! He finally got to buy a turkey fryer; not to fry a turkey but to boil his Wort! Pretty much this is the process.
1. bring 5 gallons of water to a boil
2. let cool to 155-175 degrees
3. put grain in cheese-cloth bag
4. put bag in hot water and let steep for 30 minutes making sure temp stays above 155
5. add two bags of malt extract
6. bring to boil; keeping an eye out for hot-break (which is the point where the malt starts to subside it's boiling over stage)
7. once you're reach the hot-break stage, then add first bag of hops; boil for 40 min's
8. add second bag of hops; boil for another 20 mins
9. let cool to 70 degrees
10.pour into fermenter
11. take sample for hydrometer reading
12. do not return sample to the fermenter, instead
13. give it a taste :-)
14. add yeast
15. let ferment for 2 weeks
16. bottle and let set for 2 more weeks
17. pop cap off bottle
18. cheers or
19. salute then

He thinks it's going to be good!


  1. Much better use for a turkey fryer. Not much chance of setting the whole neighborhood on fire. At least not with flames. Looks like the final results were quite successful.

  2. That looks to be quite the process!! By the smile at the end I'm guessing that this first batch of brew is going to be good! =D