Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bottling Beer - Red Ale

It's been two weeks since we brewed the wort; and so today; we bottled it. With 5 gallons of beer, you get 2 cases of beer. In the pictures here, we used a box of 20 ounce bottles so that is why it looks like only a case in a half. We tasted it again, and it's pretty darn good. It will be interesting to notice the difference being cold and carbonated makes them. We will have to wait now for two weeks before we can pop one open to find out.

Our other batch, which was an Octoberfest is still fermenting; that has about two more weeks to ferment though, so we will bottle those while popping open the Red Ale to taste. Now I get to start the creation of our own personalized beer bottle labels.......Cheers!

In case your wondering why I did these in Black and White; I did it mainly because the fluorescent lights made a really bad yellowish orange cast on them and I didn't like that and I couldn't correct it to my liking. Also well I like the first picture where the beer coming down the tube is in color, while everything else is not.


  1. Wow! Great special effects with the photos. I also like the way you filled the bottles using a siphon and the dish washer. If your ale is anywhere near your creative bottling methods you should have a fine batch of brew.

  2. How clever to use the dishwasher! Really like the first photo with the beer coming down the tube in color. Cheers and bottoms up!! =)