Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Fever - Garden Grow Light Apparatus

First project of the year has been built. Several weeks ago we had bought several seed starting green houses, and I had bought a box of a gazillion impatiens seeds. So today Clayton built the Grow Light Apparatus to hang the light on and the shelf the containers. We have it set up down in the basement in my workout room, maybe I'll use the exercise bike more now that I have some plants to look at :-) It was a nice quick easy project and I sort of even like it enough to move it outside after it warms up enough, I can keep potted plants on it and hang a few on it. Clayton got several vegetable seeds, which he will start soon. Mine will all be impatiens flowers!
Notice how nice it fits inside the window, and doesn't really hide the view outside. Look hardly any more snow...well at least on this view. Still got couple more weeks of snow melt before all ground if visible.

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