Monday, November 23, 2009

Sundays Sunset

Well another Sunday Sunset attempt was made, this one turned out better than my first, This was created using the HDR technique. (three images taken under, normal and overexposed sandwiched together so you get the most detail in highlights and shadows) I was hoping for more color in all the clouds around, but didn't happen, maybe next time. I will keep a look out for other sunset opportunities where the colors just fill the entire sky. I've seen it a couple times, so I know it can happen...I will persevere


  1. That is a beautiful shot! We have some spectacular sunsets here in Nevada! Sounds like you have a nice Thanksgiving planned. You will have to photo document the cooking of the bird...=) Eric just called to let me know that some friends of our from Idaho will be arriving tomorrow and staying through Thanksgiving, so we are going to have lots of company. Good thing sis is staying with mom and dad as we don't have enough room at our place. Have a great Thanksgiving....=)

  2. I like it! Nice job. The subtle values of dark to light give it a peaceful feeling and the reflection in the water really sets the composition off.