Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Sunset

This last week our sunsets have been stunning! I've always been out walking the dog (without a camera) just enjoying it as we walked. Well tonight I thought we might have another stunning setting sun. So I took Sparky along and we drove to a nearby park with a nice trail (The Tomorrow River Trail). I took one picture! I was not crazy about the colors of the sunset; it was non interesting and the sky just didn't do anything for me. I took this one picture and that is all, didn't bracket or anything, usually I do and probably should have for this one.

I didn't like my image at all. This image below is the original then the following images are renderings from the same first image. I had fun playing with the picture and making some interesting abstract art out of it. I should spend more time creating abstracts when i don't like my pictures at least I'd have something I could enjoy and who knows maybe some day a masterpiece will be produced! well ya never know....

These last two are the same image; only the top one is the upper right hand corner of the lower one cropped. I like the cropped one better, but thought the entire spiral was interesting too so I kept it in the series.


  1. Okay, I'm dizzy. The artsy effects are great, but I love the first one best.

  2. The sun is now setting around here while I'm still at I'm missing our wonderful fall sunsets! Driving home in the dark is just not that fun!