Saturday, November 7, 2009

Having Bird Withdrawals

I haven't really taken any new bird photo's in quite some time and I was thinking what better place to go than George Mead Wildlife Area to go capture some. Well, we didn't see any, well some finches and some black birds, we did see one bird who quickly disappeared in the grass; I think it might have been a duck or a coot.

But the one thing we did see along the way there, was the ONE picture that would have been printed for my wall for sure. It was a Blue Heron on the edge of a perfectly glassy water way standing tall with the most perfect reflection of itself in the water you'd ever see. I wish I would have made Clayton stop, but we passed it too fast and there were cars behind us. Then when we returned he was not there. I fell pretty disappointed to have missed out on that shot, as it is still perfectly visible in my mind and I just wish I could share it with others.

I did manage to take a few other pictures, so here are a few pictures of the George Mead Wildlife Area without birds....

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  1. Very fine photos. Know the disappointment of the photograph not taken. I have many in my head. The milkweed pods are soft and crusty at the same time.