Sunday, November 22, 2009

Skunked Again....

We went fishing this morning and didn't get a bite. Actually Clayton fished, I walked the dog and took some pictures. Luckily I managed to get a few nice photos despite the gray overcast sky and a few sprinkles.

The image above is a picture of rocks and their reflection in the water, only it's turned on it's side. I like to take reflection pictures and turn them on their sides because you always see faces or creatures or something different. The eyes on this is actually a leaf which I colorized.

I started with the image above, took the shape tool in photoshop to create the fish and I liked it, but then took a break and ate lunch. While eating lunch I kept on thinking of something different, taking a colorful real looking fish and using that instead. So when I got done eating my lunch I created the one below. Since the fish already had a light source on the back side, I decided to also add a light source to the image, to make it look a little more real. In adding the fish I think I did a pretty good job of making this image look as if it's taken underwater and with the light source looking up into the sun.

Love the silhouette above, makes it look like the picture taken below was right after he walked through the tunnel. But it wasn't.


  1. You're having way too much fun with your photo software. Odd how 90 degrees can change the whole meaning of a picture. Love the silhouette photo.

    I really wish we could get you and your hubby here to catch some fish. I know DH could almost guarantee you'd come home notskunked.

  2. Well I see a baboon face in the photo you turned on edge. Very cool!

    Hayman would make sure that Clayton caught some fish and didn't go home sunked if they fished together...=)