Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend - Part 2 Rosholt County Fair

My first small time county fair! what an experience; and how fascinating it was to see a rooster crow close up and personal. (yep I've never witnessed that before in my life) I've heard them from a far, but never seen one up close. We watched a dog show, saw pigs, goats, cows, very large cows even, saw all types and colored bunny rabbits and birds, roosters, chickens, geese, and one species I forgot to look at the type on, I actually photographed from behind their cage. Oh and there was dancing...sort of felt good and brought a tear to my eye at all these dancers spinning around in circles and not crashing into each other. I'm not a dancer, it's just amazing to see....

The dog show we watched first.

Then we went into the barns, well it was sad to me to see the pigs; just laying there with flies all over them (ok well this one just so happens to be standing) and getting their noses full of cornmeal while trying to eat it out of those bowls...

thought the little curly pig tail was cute though...
The goats were in the same barn as the pigs and they were so adorable!

Then we hit the cow barn...felt sorry for these guys too as they were all tied up and could hardly move; thinking most would be heading on down to the Peoples Meat Locker soon after the fair was over....

This cow above was massive! Tried showing the size by having Clayton standing next to it, but seemed larger still in real life.

Then we went into the bird and bunny barn....Roosters of all colors and shapes and such different facial features...didn't know there were so many types....

and little baby blues above

Below I was so busy focusing on the bird to the left, that I barely even saw the bird on the right. Hiding under the fanning tail of the other...I refocused and took another shot of the one playing hide and go seek....so pretty and these are the ones I didn't see the name of. What type of bird do you think they are?

These folks dancing looked like they were having so much fun; and I didn't even see any toes get stomped!

On the way home we stopped along side the road and took these two shots; The image above is of the first colored trees of the season; first in that the entire trees were mostly fully colored and the image below is of a long horned steer, sitting on his farm right next to the road....

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  1. THAT was the part of the fair I wanted to see. Every time I go I am with people who are bored by the cool critters. They speed through one barn at my request and we all ajourn to the midway. Your photos are GREAT! Glad you got to see the rooster crow. That longhorn cow is awesome and the Holstein is HUGE.