Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend - Part 3 - Jazz Festival on the River Front

...and so the other fun thing we did over the weekend was attend the Jazz Festival along the beautiful Wisconsin River at Pfiffner Park, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. This park is very nice and there is a walkway that runs along the river, but I don't think it goes very far. This park allows dogs! Which was great news to us and so we brought Sparky along too so he had a change to see more people and other dogs as we all enjoyed the music.
Here are some of the pictures I took during the show....We got there just before sunset, and so once the sun started going down I left my chair and went to the rivers edge...Enjoy
This first group we listened to was very good, their name is Ziji; and they played Brazilian - contemporary style.

The second band above was called: Tom Gullion Quintet - they were not quite our style and so we left shortly after they started...but all in all; the evening was beautiful....

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  1. Wowee, those sunset pictures are superb! I can't even pick a favorite. I like Brazilian Jazz too. Your little dog looks like he enjoyed the evening out as well.