Friday, May 7, 2010

My Bleeding Heart and Snow

This morning when I went out with Sparky for our walk I noticed our neighbors flowers, one of them was this bleeding hearts plant and I thought to myself, I have to go back later and take a picture. These flowers are so pretty, so perfectly shaped like a heart, and it really looks like it's bleeding and dripping. So incredible! Then this evening shortly after 7PM it started to snow. It had been raining all day and well if this snow keeps up all night long we may have a foot of snow on the ground in the morning.  Stay tuned for mornings outcome.

While I was out taking these photo's Clayton was in the kitchen making us dinner, yummy Chile. It was delicious. Then I helped get a fire started, we haven't had a fire in like two months and just thought well hey, it's snowing so we should start a fire....sounded so we did. And I enjoyed it while I ate my yummy chili and sipped some wonderful wine.

Then just shortly after 9PM, I decided to see how much snow had fallen. Well so far it looks like 2-3 inches. I keep thinking that if it continues at this rate, we will be snowed in tomorrow morning. We will have to dig out the snow blower; it will be just like that morning in December (I think Dec 9th when we had the blizzard and it dumped just over a foot). Well we'll see....I'll update in the morning. Maybe take another progress picture though before heading to, this is great. It's Friday night, don't have to work tomorrow and I may have the chance to build my first snowman in Wisconsin in May. How great is that. On the down side, it is a heavy snow, trees are being weighted down and branches are breaking. There could be a lot of damage in the morning as well. While I took these pictures that follow I heard branches breaking.......


  1. There was so much snow that we saved some and sent it along to you. ;p

    At least you have the fire and the chili and something good to drink. Too bad the weather brings damage to trees. It seems so soft and fluffy at first. Bleeding heart flowers are incredible.

  2. Beautiful shot of the bleeding hearts!I hope the snow let up and the damage won't be to bad. It is so hard on the trees, flowers, etc...when mother nature decides to let it snow in the late spring. We had our last fire in March even though it has been cold enough since to have several of them! We have only had a handful of days in the mid 70's since early April, the rest of the time our temps have been bouncing from the 40's to low 60's for highs and the wind has been awful at times! Look forward to the update on the snow fall.