Saturday, May 15, 2010

the Deck Project has begun

Today, Friday May 14, we started building our deck next to our boccie ball court. And here are the pictures to show our progress so far. Tonight I'll probably post again of our progess from day two.

These last three however are from last weekend when we dug the dirt up and tossed in some peat moss to make a little flower garden bed. I'm not sure what will end up here yet, but I'm sure soon I will think of something; and if Idon't then I think it will just plant a hodgepodge of plants just to get some color here. Then there is the area to the right that still needs attention...but it's coming along and my goal is to keep is as low maintenance as possible.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Nice work! You are going to have a super yard. The two adarondak chairs are a nice touch. You'll love them. We have some rockers on our porch like that. I'm jealous of all your woods and shrubbery. Let us see how the deck somes along.