Monday, May 24, 2010

End of second weekend - the Deck is progressing

I didn't take any photo's on Saturday. Something sad happened though on that day. We had left our garage door open, and there is a nice clear window on one of the walls. Well, when we were done with working and putting stuff away, I found a dead hummingbird right under the window on the work bench. What a very sad way to die...I felt so bad......

Here is our deck progress from over the weekend, Sunday we got off to a slow start due to some other stuff we did in the morning, didn't even start till about 1PM. By late afternoon I was wishing I was ice fishing again instead of deck building. It was pretty humid and I got a little too hot. Clayton kept at it for an hour or so longer after I left him and went in and cooled off and took a short nap.....

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  1. Lookin' GREAT! Are you using TREX for the decking? That's what we put on our porch and we love it. So sorry about the little hummingbird. We had one here checking out the feeder I put out for them. Wish I could send you some cool. We have more than enough.