Saturday, December 5, 2009

Zoom Effect - First Attempt

Learned something new; and tried an experiment last night. It's called the 'Zoom Effect' done with the camera while taking the picture. Here are my first attempts. I'll will do this more and when I come up with something really awesome I'll post again. But all I did was set camera on tripod and used the self timer setting then once the exposure started I zoomed in or out and this is the effect. Zoom on!
First image is our Gazebo with icecycle lighting;
the second is of course our christmas tree.


  1. To answer your question about the metal grips on the hiking boots. They are called "Yak Traks" and are added to the boots. I got them at Big Five sporting goods. They came highly recommended by a friend who likes to walk outside in the winter. They work great for ice and snow, but not so good on dry pavement.

    Your gazebo is such a beauty. The zoom effect makes it looks like something that landed from a space ship. :D